We provide engineering consulting services for outsourced R&D and product development.

Shane Dunne & Associates specializes in outsourced R&D and product development, primarily for software-intensive scientific and medical applications.

Research and Development: Few companies can justify retaining a complete in-house R&D team. Outsourcing can be a more prudent and cost-effective approach, especially for early-stage investigations.

Shane Dunne & Associates specializes in design and development of software and hardware involving:

  • image and signal processing
  • device control and data acquisition
  • 3D graphics, dynamic graphical interfaces
  • mobile platforms (iOS, Android)
  • internet-connected (m2m) systems

Product Development: Shane Dunne & Associates can also carry advanced R&D results forward, developing complete products and maintaining/advancing them on an on-going basis. This can be an attractive option for small and large companies, whenever the required expertise lies outside their own core competencies.

Who are we?

Shane Dunne & Associates, Inc. consists of Shane Dunne, PhD., specializing in software and systems design, and a group of associated professionals including:

  • Thomas Smalbeck, CET, specializing in analog and digital electronics
  • Peter Bridgeland, precision machinist
  • David Dunn, industrial designer and project manager

Let's talk about you, and your needs

I invite you to contact me to discuss your organization's needs, and how we might be able to serve you.


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